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Water is a life giver. Apart from air, there is nothing as essential for life as water. The origin of water goes back to the origin of life itself. From the accounts of creation in Genesis, we fund that water is the oldest and commonest substance on earth. In the begining, before creation, the earth was a formless void; a mass pool of water covered the earth. Water is also connected with the destruction of the world. When the iserealites refused to obey God, God send the flood to dissolve the world. Water, then, is a principle of creation and dissolution. Note that i say dissolution, not destruction, for God does not destroy. This is indeed a mystery.

Right from the beginning,human beings have been facinated with water. Water is the strongest natural force in the world , far more powerful than fire or wind. Everything on earth contains water. We came from water, our survival depends on water. An apple is 80% water. Tomato is 95% water. Pawpaw is 90% water. Orange is 95% water. The human body is 70% of water . 70% of the earth surface is water. It is no wonder, then, that water and water animals feature greatly in our dreams. We are water people.

The symblism of water is central our Christian faith. In many places all over the world, people worship water. Water is the chief symbol of Christian initiation. At baotism, we were immersed in water. It is important to note that immerssion in water is not just a Christan practice. Immersion in water is common to all religions. When an initiate is immersed in water, he/she is symbolically dead. Immersion in water symbolizes dissolution, end of the old life. When the initiate emerges from the water, he/she becomes a new person. The old world is gone. Everything is now new.

Even thought is the comments substance on earth, we actually use less that 10% of earth water, only 30% of earth water is fresh water, and we use less that 10% of this. The rest exist as snow on mountains and hills, and so cant be used. Our earth is made up of hydrogen and oxggen. When hydrogen mixes with oxygen, it turns into water. The earth is water. We are water. Everything is water.

Water exists in three forms, namely, solid(ice) liquid(water) and gas(vapor). Of all natural substanceson earth, only water exists in three forms. Liquid water is in oceans, rivers, lakes, pools, etc. Solid water is ice or snow. This happens when the temperature falls to 0 degree centigrade. Gas is in vapour or steam that flows when water is heated.

To stay healthy, each person needs to drink at least 2 1/2 litres of water daily. A normal adult drinks between 60,000 and 70,000 litres of water in his lifetime. From the above, one can see that water is vital to healthy living. It is for this reason that I refer water as medicinal. What we should learn is how to avail ourselves of the life which water gives us.

But what are the functions of water? Let us state the obvious. The first function of water is to quench thirst. And the most natural thing for a man dying of thirst to demand for is water, not coca cola or Fanta or beer. Water is the only substance that can really quench thirst. Processed liquid, such as, soft drinks or beer only serve to suppress thirst for some minutes. They can never give the same satisfaction which water gives.

Water aids metabolism of food as well as washes digestive system. It keeps the blood thin and light, so that it flows freely and smoothly, so that it can supply the essential minerals needed for the good health of the body. Water also moderates body-heat, preventing it from rising too high or too low. Water serves as lubricant for the muscles and joints, keeping them healthy and strong.


Water therapy is a scientific method of drinking water to promote health and bring healing. This method is this: When you wake up in the morning, drink at least five cups of water. This is better done as soon as you wake up, even before brushing your teeth. During the course of the day, drunk as much as you can, but never while eating. You should drink water at least one hour before or after meals, never during meals. The reason for this is that the body produces its own enzymes, for digesting any food taken. Now, drinking while eating leads to a dilution of these enzymes, making them to lose their concentration. The safest and purest drinking water comes from springs. Before going to bed at night, you should drink two to three cups of water.

This method is so simple that one can easily take it for granted. However, its efficacy has been scientifically proved and documented. Cases of Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, Arthritis, Stroke and other illnesses have been reversed through water therapy. Let us make use of water for the health and betterment of our children, the world and ourselves.

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